Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Small Quilt Holds Lots of Learning!

This is what I worked on yesterday...normally it would only take a few hours, but it ended up taking me 4hrs to do this 19" x 19" quilt for charity.  It is part of the STAR (Stafford Thimbles Are Responding) Challenge.  It is for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for a local hospital. 

Over the weekend, I had tension issues.  So, I was concerned with getting that done and forgot to put in a fresh bobbin before I started (or at least check it)...so I ran out of bobbin thread about 3/4 the way through...it took me an hour to get it started again (without going over the pattern again).  I finally figured it out, but I am thinking there is a better way. 

Innova has training in Utah that I am going to attend in May - whooo hooo!  I hope I haven't picked up too many bad habits as of late.

Then, for some reason the bobbin tension went caput.  I had to re-thread everything and try again...did it again...so I had to re-thread everything and try again - thankfully that worked. 

I really couldn't wait to get this one off my machine!  However, I think it still came out well!  Yay!!

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