Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh Back to Work...

I just had to run my baby today!  It has been almost a week and I am going through withdrawals.  I decided to do this one custom with a different pattern on the border, in the blocks and in the squaring triangles.  Here is what it looks like before quilting:

If I wasn't already a fabric snob, I would be one now!  The fabric on this one SUCKS!  The tension has been impossible to get right...I am darn near brain dead and I still don't think I did as well as I can :(

It took me almost an hour to load this one on the machine and I have been stitching since 10am this morning - it is now 4pm and I am not done yet.  I am afraid to even calculate my hourly wage on this one if it was a real one and not a practice one :o

I will edit this one and put it up again after it is done with the quilting. 

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