Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My First Failure! Patriotic 4th Project cont.

Friday of last week, I had my first failure.  I ended up having a threading issue...not noticing it - I tried to correct the ugly stitching by loosening up the tension.  I cranked the tension wayyyy out and then noticed the threading problem...ugh!  So, by the time I fixed the threading problem...it took me the whole quilt to get the stitching better...finally got it good.  So, note to self...before I quilt must check threading...and bobbin (learned that on Mon.)

I also decided to do this one custom and it took all day.  I am pleased with the placement of the patterns and I LOVE feathers!  However, I have decided that I don't like really contrasting stitching.  It is a good example though to show others the impact that kind of stitching has on the quilt. 

The fabric of this quilt wasn't the best either.  The red is a poly cotton blend... the borders are sheets and the center is VERY inexpensive cotton fabric (gauze like in nature).  So, that contributed to the icky stitching too - I think.  Before...


Close Ups...
Probably not my best work, but I learned a TON!  Please feel free to leave me a comment! 

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