Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quilting Blessings!

I am so blessed, I had a class this weekend teaching longarm quilting.  One of my students said to me "what a great job"...I have to completely agree! 

I love teaching, I love quilting, I love quilters and I love longarming - it doesn't get any better than this for me.  My quilting classes are evolving and every time they get better and more fun - if that is possible : D.

I have received several quilts to longarm in the last week and I am over the moon excited to quilt them!

In my down time (as if I ever have any) I get to look at quilting magazines and decide what we are going to do for next month's classes and what we are going to do for next month's events.  I get to  give back to the community by doing charity work (never as much as I would like), I am involved in the community where I interact with great people like in my Women's Small Business Group "Connected - Women in Business".

I am starting a new venture with a few other quilters - our Commission Quilt Division...they do the top and I quilt it for one wonderful low price : D... YAY!!!  I love to collaborate and I love to see others succeed in their own businesses at something they love too!!!

I get up every morning happy to go to work, which I was never able to say before no matter how much I liked my job.  Now, I get such satisfaction/fulfillment out of my work everyday...sometimes I just look around my new studio and I cannot believe this is my life!

I am so blessed to be doing what I love as my job, I have a loving and supportive husband and a normal 5yr old kiddo!

I am just so very blessed (I know I already said that...but felt like I should say it again!) : ) 

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