Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I won!!!!!!!!!

I posted the quilts that I was working on for the STAR (Stafford Thimbles Are Responding) Charity Quilt Challenge.  We all got a bag of fabric and the goal was to make as many quilts as possible and use up all the fabric.  I had a small bag of scraps left - but I am a new quilter and didn't expect to even get close to winning.  All the entries were amazing!!!  I didn't vote for myself, because I thought another entry was so good!  (Actually, I had a hard time deciding and at the was between 2 different entries.) 

Then when they announced the winner - it was ME - I said "No way", but it was me!!!  Yay!  I did work really hard on my quilts and the colors were very bright and much different than what I usually work with...the hardest thing was the difference in the types of fabric.  It was difficult to put them in the same quilt because some were very thin and some were thick...but I guess I did pretty well.

I won this basket - Yay!!!

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