Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My 4th Day of Work...

Well, on my fourth day of work - I didn't get to quilt.  I HAD to clean up my sewing room.  My hubby has been asking me if the stuff that was everywhere down there was going to finally migrate to a put away place? 

So, I got everything put away - sort of...my shelves are all open so even when stuff is put up it can still be messy...but I am planning to find a way to neaten that up - either cover it up with curtains or get different bins or something to make it look better. 

I got my design wall up and I like it.  I am not sure about the color, but I can cover it with flannel if I want to...but the color is ok to me for now.

Whoo hoo - now I am ready to load my next quilt - Need to do two on my next work day Wed...gonna do a panel and another quilt.  Are you ready to ROCK??? 

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