Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What a Show!!!

I went to the Quilting Odyssey in Hershey PA this weekend and WOW, what a show!  First I LOVE Hershey PA, but it is WAYYYYY expensive to go there (it is a resort town with the Hershey Waterpark, Museum etc. there).  However, the quilt show itself was really cool - the quilts were beautiful and I took some REALLY cool classes from Sue Patten!

I actually had only heard of her before, but now I LOVE her!  She is an artist/designer for quilting designs (not piecing designs, quilting designs).  I took two longarm classes from her one was called Spines with  Designs and ZenSuedling (: - I know right??? 

Spines with Designs was really cool - here is a sample (not mine : / )... These are good for sashings, borders etc.

It is all the rage to quilt absolutely every square millimeter of your quilt...called Zendoodling, Zentangling etc.  I personally think it is very pretty, but maybe a little too much for the average quilter.  However, I love to quilt, quilt, quilt without stopping, which is what it really is all about - so Yay!!!

In the ZenSuedling class we marked a quilt top, which is really just a hunk of VERY NICE black fabric.  Here is mine before I quilt it...

I will be back in the studio tomorrow quilting, but for today it is time to spend time with little man...     : D.


Kamlyn J said...

Beautiful workmanship. Glad you got to enjoy PA.

karen presecan said...

So glad you enjoyed it!!!

LizB said...

thanks ya'll!!! You should come over sometime...we should have a thingy at my house : p

Hena Tayeb said...

Have fun with your little man