Friday, January 20, 2012

If It Never Breaks, You'll Never Learn...

Recently, I had a little trouble with my first I thought it was doing long stitches, but it turned out it was skipping stitches.  I figured this ourt.t by putting paper on my quilt and sewing without thread...the holes were there in the correct stitch length, so it wasn't long stitches.  In order to fix it I had to take the face plate off and take off the foot plate.  I manually adjusted the sew bar and tightened it down "man tight" with a screw driver and then voila - all fixed!  Oh yeah, I cleaned my encoders up really well to, which also helped.  Found out I need to do this once a month...I must have been in the bathroom when they taught us that at quilt school : D.  Here are some cool pics I took when I had it all taken apart. 

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