Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Dear Friend's Special Quilt

I recently was asked to do a quilt for a dear friend of mine.  This quilt is VERY special and I was honored that she let me quilt it for her.  She is not a fan of making big quilts, but she picked out the fabric and pattern for this quilt for her mother.  As she was making the quilt, her mother unexpectedly took ill and then passed away also unexpectedly.  Needless to say, she was/is having a hard time with this turn of events and this quilt has taken on new meaning.  She came over to my studio and we chose humming birds in a frame for each of the blocks.  I really like to do custom and it was great practice for me.  We chose a really pretty metallic thread also, because it matched the top very well.  I was thinking that I wanted it to show up more, but after I was finished, I realized that if it had any more contrast it probably would have taken away from the beautiful quilt pattern of the piecing.

I think it came out really wonderfully and again I was so honored to get to quilt it!

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