Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whoo Hoo Business is Going Well!

I cannot me having a quilt to load on my longarm is shear happiness & I have 4 quilts in que right I am sooooo happy!

Here are a few of my most recent projects from my business.

I had a good time with this one...I actually loaded it 2x so I could do the border with a different pattern than the middle - I think it came out well.
I LOVE this quilt.  The friend of mine that did it..said "oh it is just a Turning Twenty - do whatever you want"...then I got it and I couldn't believe how beautiful it was!!!!!!!!!  Check it out!

Then, another friend had me do this quilt for her...LOVE it too especially since it is almost fall - this quilt just really gets me in the mood and inspired me to do a fall quilt of my own!!! Pics on that to follow when I get it more done.

Somewhere in the middle of all of these my super good friend let me do a quilt for her daughter...I think it came out really well.  I actually created the pattern by connecting two of my existing patterns in my computer program.  It really came out cool because the way the pattern went down the sides it almost looked like a different pattern going down the borders...unfortunately I didn't take a pic of that, so maybe she can send me a pic of it e-mail and I will add it later.

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