Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Texture Inspiration and True Scrapy

While I was at quilt school, the teacher Teryl McKnight said..."it is all about texture".  This hit home for me. I had this panel that I have been wanting to quilt, but didn't know what I wanted to do.  The pebble look (little circles that you make two at a time all over the quilt) is one of my favorites right now.  It is one of everyone's favorites if you notice how many quilts at the shows are using them in a portion, if not all over.  So, here is what I did...

I really like it...you might need to copy it and enlarge it to see te rock type stitching.

Then, I had to clean up my sewing room...I have to do that about once a week... : D.  I can't clean it up too much because when my room it too clean - I am paralyzed and can't bring myself to mess it up again : /.  In the cleaning process I noticed that my scrap bags were getting too full...I usually put all my scraps in a big bag and then when that gets full, I put it in little bags sorted by color.  When the little bags get too full and are taking up too much space - I make a "true scrappy" quilt.  It is a crazy quilt from my red and pink scrap bags...I am thinking that it needs a border or some more blocks, but my red and pink scrap bags are taking up much less space now : D.

Me likey...leave me a comment if you can...

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