Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Much Easier to Just Quilt...But Fun to Get Out Too!

So, I am quilting away in my studio and I get a text from my friend.  She is at a quilt class at a local quilt shop and it is for military wives...well - I'm a military wife and I was in the car before I even knew what the class was about!!!  Shout out to the local shop Quilt & Sew of Fredericksburg for putting on this wonderful class and extras!  There were massages, gift bags, Mary Kay and a great class on how to make a mesh beach bag.  It was awesome - so many talented and intelligent women in one spot!!!  Didn't take any pics - sorry! 

However, I met a wonderful fabric craft creator named Sara (didn't catch her last name) and am probably going to take a class from her starting on Sat on how to make baby bags, bibs and blankets etc.  Since, I now have 4 grandsons...can't hurt right!!!

I got up the courage to drive there with the signs on my car (this was no small feat...I found myself contemplating taking the signs off my car - no kiddin').  I even got up the courage to put my cards out at the shop - whoo hoo!  I have been saying I was going to do it, but just now got up the guts!  It is not that I doubt my ability...I am proud of my work and am positive that others will like it as is just putting yourself out there in a community of people who ROCK at quilting is daunting!  Yay for me - hope it works.

Oh yeah, the best think is that they had some fabric that I have been looking all over for!!!  I got a great deal and got the fabric to finish 2 of my quilts (so I can quilt them - yay).  I got the backing for my Dad's quilt and the borders for one that I might actually put up for sale...I'll keep ya posted.

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