Monday, April 25, 2011

Projects 9 - 11 LOVE Pantographs!

After a slow week last week I got busy this weekend!!! 

Project number 9 was a charity quilt for a friend for charity.  I used a pattern of cardinals in red thread, but you cannot see it in any of the pictures I took of the front.  The red thread looks a little strange on the back flowered fabric.  Here is a pic of the front:

I know you can't see the pattern at all!!!  Good to know - right?!

Here is the can see it in real life, but not so much in the pic...

Project 10 is also a charity quilt for Stafford Thimbles Are Responding (STARs). 

I used a pattern called damask, which is roses and leaves.  I stretched it out too far I think, but I still think the quilt came out well.  It too is almost impossible to see in the pictures...

Project 11 is also a charity quilt STARs and I REALLY like the way it come out.  I used a leaf pantograph of leaves in a verigated green thread.  I think the size is good on this one. 


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