Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Needs the Sew Head!

Well, my year long dream is coming true - thanks to my Mom and our perserverance.  My machine finally came (it was damaged, but it was only carton damage - Yay!  The installer got here on Tues evening to help me inspect it, accept it and start work. He did a ton of work on Wed...all it needs now is the sew head...

And a quilt - Whooo hooo!!!

He will be back on Friday to complete it and help me learn it.  I am so excited I can hardly see straight.  It is hard to have it down stairs and not be able to go look at it...but it actually is working out, because my little one came home sick from daycare yesterday.  So, it is working out to spend the day (which was the plan anyway) with him...but I just keep wanting to run down there and look at it  : D

It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but I LOVE it.  I am going to have to re-think my sewing area down there.  I already moved my cutting table into the spare I may have to move some more tables etc. out of there to make room.  I still have 2 extra tables down there, one is for storage and the other is for my computer...but it may end up in the office now.

I really need to get rid of the man chair, but there is a lot more to getting rid of that than just calling 1 800 GOT JUNK - : 0

I think it is a good sign - while the installer was working yesterday, all I could think about was how I am going to quilt the 12 tops I have ready to go right now!!!  I also plan to do some for my Mom and some for charity to practice.  I can't wait!!

Oh yeah - gotta give a shout out!  Keith is the installer - he is so hard working!  He worked for 11 hours yesterday and only took one break for less than 1/2 hour - he didn't even eat lunch!  The machine is an Innova - here is the link to check them out  Look under the Longarm Quilting Machines link on the website.

Keith built my machine from scratch!  He wired it and everything.  It takes a while, but it was wayyy interesting to see how it all goes together.  I especially like the personal touch of this company.  The President of this part of the company was actually in the booth at the show and when I call the company - I talk to the same person everytime - Yay!!!

I will keep you posted on how it goes from here!!!

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