Monday, March 28, 2011

The Definition of Discipline!

I have learned the definition of discipline this weekend.  I just got my long arm completely set up on Friday...well, I promised myself (and my family) that I would leave it alone on the weekends.  I need to be disciplined - otherwise my family might suffer and I might burn out.  So, on the weekends I usually quilt...just not long arm.  So, I worked on a charity quilt for a historic based ministry in VA that requested some classic quilt patterns used in the underground railroad in civil war reproduction type fabrics.  One of the quilts is the log I made this one...
Then, it needed to be tied -UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is complete and utter discipline to sit and tie a quilt when you have a long arm quilting machine in your basement...thus the definition of discipline!!!

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