Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quilting School!!!

Yepper, I am at Innova Longarm quilting school!  Of all the places in the U.S, it is in....Utah : D. 

It turns out that St. George, Utah is a quilting Mecca/Haven for quilting of all kinds!!!  There are 7 quilting stores here and even more in Las Vegas, which is where we flew in and is only 2hrs away.  St. George is a beautiful community!  It is soooo clean and the people are very nice and unassuming!!!  We went to a wonderful steak house last night that you could tell was one of the premier places to eat here and everyone looked normal - no putting on airs - LOVE it!!! 

Here I am at the steak house - sorry about the picture quality...that is probably why I am a quilter and not a photographer!!!

The coolest thing (well one of the coolest things - so many to choose from) that my Mom got to come with me! 

So thanks to ABM and Teryl Loy/John Sopp; Teryl Loy Enterprises and Let's Quilt for making it happen for us!!!  I am going to talk to Teryl today to see what I can take pictures of in her shop and blog some more later!

Oh yeah, shout out to our husbands who also helped make this happen (by promising to hold down the forts at home while we come to quilting school!).

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