Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Great Time at the Quilt In of Stafford Piecemakers Quilt Guild!

On Saturday we had our 15th annual Quilt In for the Stafford Piecemakers Quilt Guild. 

We have it at a church and the atmosphere is super energized and positive!  This year the guild decided to display the quilts from previous Quilt Guild Presidents. They were just beautiful.

Below -  is a picture of my new friend Kim!  The best thing about these outtings is the friendships that are formed.  She is new to the guild, but has been quilting for many years. 

 I wasn't terribly productive (or I kinda was...) I like to use what I have and I ended up there with a bag of charity Round Robin quilts that needed borders put on by me. I only had a few little pieces of fabric to choose from for each quilt (because I didn't bring extra fabric : )...so I had to make do. When I quilt like this I feel very close to quilters of old...who didn't have qyilt shops close to go get fabric - and had to make do with what they had around... Here is what my border looks like and it took me ALL day : D.

Yay!!!  I love you ladies!!!!  Can't wait until next year!


Donna Gunter said...

Hey Liz--

Those quilts are really amazing, especially the one behind your friend Kim. Is that one for sale, by chance? :)


Kathy McHenry said...

Love your borders, they look great. Some day I might try to quilt, but until then I'll admire yours.

Brandi Kae said...

What a great experience, Liz! Last week you got me so excited about quilting when we were talking, maybe I'll try to take it up some day myself. :-)

LizB said...

Thanks y'all!! Sorry but the quilts hanging up belong to the previous presidents. If you want a particular one...we can talk about me making it for you : D.

Karen P said...

Gorgeous quilts, Liz. Your group seems so wonderful and positive! What a wonderful thing to be able to share your talents together.

Lisa Birnesser said...

What beautiful quilts! That sounded like such a wonderful get together.Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience.