Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just What I Needed...More Quilting!!!

If you read my last post…you know that I am up to my elbows in quilting!  I thought I needed less quilting, but it turns out – I needed more!  As most of my friends and family know – I LOVE the Elm Creek Quilts Novels by Jennifer Chiaverini.  It is a series, but you don’t have to read them in order to enjoy them. 

Jennifer Chiaverini’s newest book comes out today, Oct 30, 2012!!!  I got my hands on it early and started reading it right in the middle of my quilting overload…but I just couldn’t wait, I had to read it!!!  I love these books because I am a quilter and her books are about quilters.  She sets the stories in historic times or at the Elm Creek Quilter’s Camp, but it sounds more like a retreat to me!  

In The Giving Quilt, Jennifer Chiaverini describes a quilter’s camp called Quiltsgiving.  It is a FREE camp where the quilters just have to make quilts (the entire process – longarming as well and as a longarmer…I LOVE it) for the Linus Project.  The Linus Project is nationwide and gives quilts to kids in the community that need them due to dire circumstances in their lives.

The chapters illuminate the characters that are attending the camp and why.  I am not sure if it is the way that Jennifer writes or if all quilters are so similar, but I can relate to almost every character!  The characters are exploring their reasons for giving and find out things about themselves along the way (all the while making beautiful quilts for the Linus Project). 

I found myself relating to Pauline and Micheala the most due to circumstances in my own quilt life, but every quilter/reader will relate to some character in the book!  It is a great read that will keep you turning the pages with the character development and Issues that each quilter faces.  Jennifer Chiaverini's newest book will capture your imagination with the characters and the quilt patterns she features.These books transport the reader to the quilt retreat and make you feel like you are at a retreat too!  Her writing is so good that you can actually make the quilt she features. It makes my imagination go wild picking colors that I would use. This book features the Resolution Block, which I plan to make a quilt with it as soon as possible.  I HIGHLY recommend this book!!!  It is available at Amazon.com, Wal-Mart, Hastings etc. at a reasonable price and worth every penny!!!!   It is a great gift idea for Christmas and Birthdays for the quilter in your life!!! 
Check it out here... http://elmcreek.net/

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Alicia Jay said...

What a great review of the book! I'll have to share this with the quilters that I know.