Friday, September 21, 2012

New Expansion to My Business!

It is official this week I got my samples from Sew Batik.  I will be offering these beautiful batiks as backing fabric...I will also be selling it to those who would like to buy it!  I am soooo excited - these samples are absolutely beautiful!  They come in 108" lengths and have edges that can be trimmed off and used as borders or you can use it as it is and they become the borders (on two sides- and you can sew them on the other two sides - although us longarmers do NOT like to center backings). 

I am also offering another collection of theirs, but I can get any of their fabrics that you want.  As business goes on I will have more samples to choose from : D.

I am also offering Quilter's Dream Batting!  I can get any of their battings, but will be stocking their polyester - Puff;  their 100% cotton - request, select and deluxe; their black polyester and their 70/30 blend.  I have samples for you to look at when you come to drop off your quilt.

I will soon be offering Hobbs Heirloom batting as well, but I haven't placed my first order.  I am hoping to stock their 80/20 blend, 100% cotton and poly as well!!  Yay!!!!


Tina said...


Martiel Beatty said...

Beautiful selections!

Shan said...

wow! those are some beautiful fabrics!!

Anonymous said...

I loooove liz's quilting- it makes my quilts look wonderful as well as original! I would use her again in a heart beat!! Try her!

LizB said...

Thanks ya'll sooo much! I just love doing it and it so great to have it appreciated!