Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Quilting Room!

So I am trying to get my room ready for starting my business.  So, while my Mom was here we planned out some shelving systems to get organized.  Here is the finished product...
Yay!!!  This was not painful at all - however...

This is the man chair...looks harmless enough right?  Well - NO not so much.  The above "man chair" was in my way and I needed to move it.  My Mom (who has evern more a clue than I do)...told me not to move it, but did I listen?  NooooooooOOOOO.  I moved it about 5ft across the room.

So, 20min after I moved the chair - chest pains only on my left side - didn't think anything about it until it went down my left arm.  I called "ask a nurse", who told me I probly didn't need to call 911, but should get seen by my Dr.  My Dr. doesn't have the equipment to check out my heart, so I had to go to the emergency room.  OK...I figured I would go in, they would check me out and it would be nothing...but if I didn't - I would just worry about it the rest of the day. 

Well, I answered one question wrong and they ADMITTED ME - WTH????  3 blood tests, an EKG, echo picture of my heart and a lung blood clot test later (and 31hours later) I finally got outta there!  I was FREAKED out...but mostly sure it was not going to be a heart thing...  Don't get me wrong - I am soooo glad I got it checked, but those are 31hrs that I will never get back.  However, it is impossible to measure how many hours I gained - if it had been something and I didn't go get it checked - right?

I HIGHLY recommend that you get checked out if you have chest pains of any kind, but even more than that - I recommend that "women of a certain age" just leave those stupid man chairs alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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